Who AM I

I didn’t create these thoughts

I like some but would never choose others

I didn’t create these emotions

Some are enjoyable and others are unpleasant

I didn’t create this body

I would have done a better job


These thoughts appear and move on

These emotions arise and dissolve

This body was born and grows old with time


Are they mine, are they me

Where do they come from?

Who am I, What am I


These thoughts are creations thoughts

They are life’s expression

These emotions are the world’s emotions

They are life’s response to itself

This body is life’s body

It is the flow of time


Who am I to judge them?

To reject them

To be ashamed of them

To love them

To believe in them


Just other thoughts that show up

But some come with such suffering


Am I a thought?

Who is thinking me?

Feeling me

Living me


Only the unchanging, emptiness

Only the love that holds the universe

Only the joy in which babies are born

Only the peace that fills the suffering


To see through the mind

To the infinite

To see through the emotions

To the boundless

To see through the body

To the spaciousness


This is the end of suffering

The end of questions


This is Freedom

Beyond what any words can say

You are this – The Same One as Me