When I Know What I Am

When I know what I am there is deep stillness and quiet.

There may be thoughts, and emotions, but they are infused with silence.

They are like echoes in the infinite, like the sound of a gong as it drifts into space

Or like ripples on an immense deep ocean


I don’t forget any more, there is no longer any confusion, or doubt.

There is just the shifting from background to foreground, to no ground.

Sometimes the stillness takes over and infuses everything with its glow,

Sometimes, it remains as an underlying quiet, like a secret lover waiting.

Other times life is very loud and the silence is a soft voice that could be missed, but I don’t, because it is what I am.


It doesn’t matter what the thoughts say, or how strong the emotions get, they don’t fool me any more, I know they are innocent and don’t mean any harm. I can even play along with them, sometimes that feels right, and other times I ignore them until they dissolve like the imaginary phantoms they are.

The silence is always there, it always has been, just now I know it is what I am.