I am a Certified Hypnotist with the International Association of Counselors and Therapist.

I have been trained through the Michael Newton Institute to do Transpersonal Past Life Regression, as a therapeutic tool for releasing old patterns and healing wounds.

The trance state itself is beyond our limited conscious mind. When we explore events of which we are already aware, we have access to them in an expanded state that is beyond the waking state. On this dimension we have access to wisdom, and the possibility of transformation.

So even exploring this life is done from a transpersonal perspective. We can also explore Past Lives, and what is between lives. The purpose is always to learn, release, and become more of our True Nature.

Through deep hypnosis we can remember lives that have influenced this life, and open up to an expanded vantage point.  Seeing experiences from other times helps us understand the life we are having now and offers guidance for our current process. Through regression hypnosis we can understand how we have been attempting to resolve more than what we are aware of. While deep in trance we have access to wisdom, and the capacity to intuit beyond what our conscious minds understand. From this larger perspective we have the capacity to release and resolve old wounds.

The purpose of this tool is far more than remembering past lives for fun or curiosity. It is for healing and transforming.


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