I began studying the Enneagram in 1988 with Oscar Ichazo's Arica School...

years after the Arica School I had an intuition in my private practice…

I noticed that people would often hit a wall, in their growth process, which was difficult to get beyond. The deepest story of their patterning would block their opening. It occurred to me that understanding the enneagram fixation might help, so I began to study the Enneagram again this time with several other teachers, and on my own through my work with clients.

Since then I have written 5 articles that were published in the Enneagram Monthly, and I’ve presented at 4 International Enneagram Conferences. I also published a DVD series of autobiographical interviews with people of each type.

I began to teach the Enneagram in a 3 part workshop style in 2001. This is really where I learned about the Enneagram, everyone in the workshops taught me how to understand the patterns by sharing their lives and experiences.

brief descriptions of each type...

The story of the One is being flawed and finding flaws. People with this pattern seek perfection internally and externally. They see imperfections and try to right them. Holds in anger and becoming tense.

The story of the Two is not having their needs met. They seek love by being pleasing and self sacrificing. They become prideful, resentful, and angry.

The story of the Three is being loved only for what they accomplish. They seek approval by being productive and over achieving. They avoid emotions.

The story of the Four is a life of tragedy. They seek love and acceptance with their unique expression and dramatic stories. They hold onto tragedy.

The story of the Five is of being too fragile to handle life. They seek peace by avoiding life. They isolate and live in their fantasies.

The story of the Six is not being able to trust. They seek security by being hyper- vigilant. They always wonders “What if”. They avoid change.

The story of the Seven is making plans for more experiences. They seek inner bliss through outside experience and always feel they are missing out.
They avoid introspection.

The story of the Eight is attacking the world for what has been done wrong. They seek power by bullying others and punishing the wrong doers. They avoid feeling weak and deny being wrong.

The story of the Nine is being so inferior that there’s no point being present.They seek comfort by avoiding conflict and dynamic situations. They are pleasant to be around, but also passive aggressive.

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