from early on I had parallel interests...

I was an artist as a young child and in early adolescence I became interested in understanding people and the meaning of life. These interests grew into almost obsessive drives as my life developed.

I studied art in college, did Post Bachelorette work at the San Francisco Art Institute, and studied for years at the Art Students League in NYC. I exhibited all over the east coast and my work is in many collections in that area.

my interest in people led me to become a psychotherapist...

I have been in private practice since 1987 specializing in eating disorders, sexual abuse, addictions, and personal and spiritual growth. 

My therapeutic and spiritual work guided me to study the Enneagram, first with the Arica group, and later with several other leading teachers. Years after the Arica School I had an intuition in my private practice - I noticed that people would often hit a wall, in their growth process, which was difficult to get beyond. The deepest story of their patterning would block their opening. It occurred to me that understanding the enneagram fixation might help, so I began to study the Enneagram again this time with several other teachers, and on my own through my work with clients.

Since then I have written 5 articles that were published in the Enneagram Monthly, and I’ve presented at 4 International Enneagram Conferences. I also published a DVD series of autobiographical interviews with people of each type.

I began to teach the Enneagram in a 3 part workshop style in 2001. This is really where I learned about the Enneagram, everyone in the workshops taught me how to understand the patterns by sharing their lives and experiences.

I founded the Enneagram School of Awakening, please visit our site for more information:

my interest in the meaning of life has been expressed in a myriad of ways...

My spiritual exploration began in adolescence with reading Gibran, Watts, and Ram Das. I began meditating at 19, and have had a few important teachers, including Mooji, Jac O’keefe, Adyashanti, and others less known. I have been sharing my understanding of Truth for several years, in different formats.

All this coalesced in my spiritual exploration. It seems art, psychology, and spirituality are all motivated by either the question of the meaning of life, or the expression of life. Why am I like this, how do I free myself, why is life like this, what happens when we die? All these questions come from the same place and lead us to express ourselves in a myriad of ways.